Project Description

Adobe Photoshop is one of the many technical pieces of software that Stephen has developed skill with over the years. In these images he has used his understanding of design elements and the tools available in Adobe Photoshop to create the 3d image of a room. Utilising smart objects to make each aspect of the room easily manipulatable.

He also designed the covers for a book of flash cards shown, designed for young children and also designed the flash cards themselves that are for sale by digital media and publishing company Franklin Media Australia. Currently for sale through the Company’s Etsy Shop under Marcus & Kind.

The framed poster of our Solar System was also built as a blended image by Stephen using the versatile design program.

Utilising the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of programs regularly Stephen is familiar with both Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom that he utilise for photo editing as well as design work related to other portfolio projects he works on.

In this series of design images Stephen has built the overall images himself from scratch utilising only a small number of digital assets from other designers.

In the room images he built the entire image choosing colour schemes and creating the 3d framework for the room itself. Manipulating the size and perspective of a couple of key assets from other designers.

These assets included the piano and rug, lighting, window and picture frames as well as the desk and desk lamp in the children’s room.

Stephen constructed the electrical sockets on the wall from scratch and designed the images to be as easy to manipulate as possible in order to change them to whatever design requirements the project required.

He learned how to do this by actively pursing free and paid tutorials online that enabled him to develop and enhance his own skills.